Rediscovering Montana – The Expedition to 1910

When high school students examine their communities as they were in 1910, they learn what life was like in 1910 as well as why some things are the way they are today. Montana Heritage Project students have researched topics such as education, entertainment, notable citizens, and music. They have investigated major events like the wildfires … Read More

Flathead Reservation Allotment 1904

Apr. 23, 1904. [H. R. 12231.] | [Public, No. 159.] 33 Stat., 302. An act for the survey and allotment of lands now embraced withinthe limits of the Flathead  Indian Reservation, in the State ofMontana, and the sale and disposal of all surplus lands after allotment. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of … Read More

Helpful Resources for Teachers in Montana

Here’s a collection of resources that could be helpful for teachers in Montana, on the subject of Montana itself and on many other topics. If you’re a teacher in Montana, hopefully some of these resources are helpful to you at some point. Lesson Plans about Mining The Montana Historical Society has put together a collection … Read More

Montana and the American Front Porch

America isn’t the only country in the world that has front porches for many of their homes, but there’s something distinctly American about Montana, the big sky, and looking at it from your front porch. “The twilight was blurred and soft. Supper was almost ready and the smell of cabbage floated to them from the … Read More

Montana Blogs

Here’s a collection of blogs about Montana, or by people in Montana, who share their unique perspectives on the world and Montana itself. Curated by adventurers in Montana: The Official Blog of Glacier Country Montana is packed with information, adventures, and more from this stunning park. This is a blog that’s here to help promote … Read More

The Truth About the Unabomber’s Cabin in Montana

Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber, came to the attention of the FBI in 1978. Between then and 1995, he would be responsible for over a dozen explosive devices and many deaths. During this 17 year period, the FBI says that he would mail or hand-deliver an increasingly-sophisticated series of explosives. The Unabomber had … Read More

Doing Laundry in Montana Before Automatic Washers

They that wash on Monday, have all the week to dry;  They that wash on Tuesday, are not so much awry;  They that wash on Wednesday, are not so much to blame  They that wash on Thursday, wash for very shame;  They that wash on Friday, wash in sorry need  They that wash on Saturday, … Read More