Helpful Resources for Teachers in Montana

Here’s a collection of resources that could be helpful for teachers in Montana, on the subject of Montana itself and on many other topics. If you’re a teacher in Montana, hopefully some of these resources are helpful to you at some point.

Lesson Plans about Mining

brown and white mountains under white clouds and blue sky during daytime

The Montana Historical Society has put together a collection of lesson plans for teachers in Montana that cover the topic of mining. You can find them o nthe Montana Historical Society’s website using the link below, which will take you to a take which lists all of their lessons plans about mining.

Mining lessons plans

Teaching With Primary Sources

Here’s another link from the Montana Historical Society which discusses teaching with primary sources. Some of the lessons and information on the page below includes information on thinking like a historian, a study guide about The Story of Mary Ronan, and a list of Montana newspapers that are available online for doing research. This is really great information, and a fantastic resource that they’ve put together.

Primary Sources for Montana Teachers

Montana History, Object by Object

brown grass field near mountains during daytime

One of the most fascinating and informative ways to explore history is by the objects that existed at any given time or place. The link below will take you to an interesting resource, however, it’s unfortunately no longer available at its original location. Thankfully, there’s a backup archived version of this resource that you can find below.

Object by Object

Links about Montana History

The page linked below will give you a near-infinite amount of stuff to read and learn about Montana, along with some great things to pass along to your students.

Montana history links

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