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Here’s a collection of blogs about Montana, or by people in Montana, who share their unique perspectives on the world and Montana itself.

Curated by adventurers in Montana: The Official Blog of Glacier Country Montana is packed with information, adventures, and more from this stunning park. This is a blog that’s here to help promote tourism, and that it got some form of funding shows us just how far blogs have come in recent years, not to mention decades. There was a time when this silly internet thing was still called a fad or a trend, and now it’s still connecting people from all around the world to Montana, and everywhere else. Looking at a State through the lens of their tourism department doesn’t always have you the full picture, but if you’re thinking of visiting, it’s a good place to start.

Glacier Country | The Official Blog of Glacier Country Montana

A Montana cattle rancher’s opinions and facts: I sometimes wonder if my cattle can read my mind. The cows were still out in the hills scrounging for feed and later in the week I was going to let them come down towards home. You will note the “were” in the statement. They decided to break the fence down and come home without any help. Luckily the next fence held long enough to move some other cattle around to let them the rest of the way down. I hate when I have to do things unplanned and in a hurry but we managed. We spent a while fixing everything and I am back under control for now. “If” there are any cattle left in the hills I will let them work in if they want. The ones that came home will start getting a cake supplement now and I will hold off haying them. The hired man wanted to know if I was rewarding them for breaking the fence down and coming home. I told him “we” were rewarding them for not breaking any more fence down than they did and patiently waiting while we moved some other cattle around before they came down. Got to look on the bright side.

Thoughts from the Middle of Nowhere

An anonymous blog about life in Montana, from the Livingston area: I love the hard-working, honest and friendly people of Montana. In gas stations here in the morning, you’ll find men standing around sipping coffee and talking. I love that when you sit and chat with the boys here in Montana, you don’t speak of geeky subjects like routers and USB cables and Perl code, we speak of manly things like cattle and fences and horses and hunting. And I love it that no matter who you talk to – you end up finding a link – it will turn out you know someone they know either through family, work, or school. I love being able to walk into a bar and know everyone in there and be greeted as a friend and a neighbor. Montanans have accepted me and my family here – they know that I’m “not from around here” but they accept me as a local and as a friend and I’ve been made to feel welcome here. I’ve lived in other states where you’re made to feel if you’re not a native, you’re trespassing – not so here, I’m made to feel welcome here.

Big Sky Blog

A photo blog of weekend outings around Great Falls: About three miles from the top I came on a car pulled off to the side of the road and the driver looking over the side into a steep ravine. I looked down and there was one of the trucks that had passed me dangerously on a curve. It was on its top. Luckily, none of the four guys in the car were hurt and they were able to climb out through one of the windows.

Out There with Tom

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